We would all like to experience instantaneous miracles and instantaneously 

 be completely healed, free from all pain and handicaps.  But God does not always heal in that way. 

In Mark 8:23-24, when Jesus was healing the blind man, Jesus spit on the man’s eyes and laid his hand on him, then asked him if he could see anything. The blind man said, “I see people like trees walking around.” Then Jesus laid his hands on the blind man’s eyes and he could see clearly.

In John 9:6-7, we have the story of the man who was born blind. The disciples asked who had sinned, the blind man or his parents causing the man to be born blind? 

Jesus answered, “Neither…but this happened so that the work of God may be displayed in his life.”

Then Jesus spit on the ground, made some mud with the saliva, put it on the blind man’s eyes and sent him to wash in the Pool of Siloam.  The blind man returned with his eyes healed. 

We could ask, “Why didn’t Jesus heal his eyes instantly?  He had the power to do it.”  The Bible does not give us that answer.  But the blind man’s healing was complete.  God acts in His own way and in His own time.  And what He does is best.

God Heals in Layers

In my own life, I found how God heals what we can bring to Him for healing and then later brings another layer of memories that need healing.  In my family there were 3 girls and then came my brother.  Five years later my twin brother and I were born.  I was born first but his birth was very difficult and he died.

My sister, the story-teller of the family, told me that the next day, before taking the boy out for burial, they laid the two babies side by side to see how similar they looked.  The one baby wiggled and wiggled, but the other one didn’t move at all. Then my 5-year-old brother came and tried to open his dead brother’s eyes and said, “No, no!! Let the girl die.  I don’t want another sister.  I want my brother.”

I remember I gasped, “But why didn’t they want me?”

“Oh, no,” said my sister, “We wanted you too. He just wanted a brother.”

That trauma filled me with insecurity for many, many years.  “They didn’t really want me.  They only put up with me because there wasn’t anyone else.”  It was years later when I was in nursing school, that I could be freed from the feeling that I wasn’t wanted. 

But then I began dating and got married and then the feelings plagued me in a new way: “Karl is probably just putting up with you.  He probably really wants one of the other girls.”  This plagued me until the day came that I could ask him if he really wanted me and he could assure me that He wanted me and no one else.  

At every stage of life I needed healing for that stage.  I did not know what I needed to bring to God before I was living through the new experiences. He could have healed me all at once, but I could not be open to that.  It was not a lack of faith.  It was a lack of experience. I had to grow into His healing.  It taught me to live depending on Him.

It helps to have some soothing thoughts at hand so that you do not get over- whelmed along the way.  Several that helped me were:

“Thank you, God, that you are not finished with me yet.  You are still refining me.”

“Thank you, God, that you are polishing me more and more until I reflect your glory.”

Thank you, God, that this too shall pass, and when it does, I will come out refined like gold.

Don’t try to rush God in your healing process.  Just be open to Him so that he can show you where you still need healing.  Learn to depend on Him.  He knows the best way to lead you to become a very useful instrument in His hands to be used for His glory.

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