Trauma is a silent prison and killer

What comes to your mind when you hear the word “trauma”? You might imagine an ER room situation where doctors and nurses rush to treat victims of violence or vehicular accidents – anyone in critical conditions. Of course, these are just some of the forms of traumatic events that we know of, but what about trauma related to mental health issues?

You do not have to have gone to an ER to have been traumatized. When it comes to mental health, trauma is any overwhelming event that overcomes our capacity to cope and leaves us struggling with upsetting emotions, memories, and anxiety that would not go away. It is often the result of – or our response to – an overwhelming amount of stress that we experience from a situation or event that exceeds what we can deal with.

How serious is trauma in the context of mental health? Gravely serious! Trauma affects our concept of safety and well-being. It creates significant and lasting damage to our mental, emotional, and physical health. Traumatic experiences can change the way we view others, our surroundings, and ourselves.

Feeling safe is crucial

Most of us have experienced moments when we do not feel safe emotionally or physically. We may be overanalyzing what someone meant by the comments they made. We may be constantly ruminating on the past or worrying about the future. We may have invasive thoughts about what people will think of us if we do or say anything. We may have difficulties focusing. We feel impatient when things do not go our way. We may be fearful of trusting others and building new relationships. We may be constantly afraid, worried, and nervous.

Whenever a traumatic event occurs, it can take a while for us to get over the pain and feel safe again. To live healthy lives, we must be able to work through our traumatic experiences to feel safe and protected with the comfort of being present.

Here are some tips to help you feel safe:

Recognize that the Grace of Jesus has bought your right of safety. In Him, it is your right to feel safe and to move on after your traumatic experience. In Him, you deserve healing and recovery from trauma. In Him, you deserve a second chance, a fresh restart, a brand new beginning. Today it is! 

Realize that true safety comes from our relationship with God. True safety truly comes from our relationship with God. Trust God and release your worry up to Jesus. Let go and let God be in control. Think of all your traumatic experiences. Think of all the details and tell Jesus what you are thinking about. Tell Him that He made you with the capacity to live in paradise. But since we are not in paradise, you do not have the capacity to carry this. Roll it all up and give it to Jesus, and watch how He carries it to the cross. When He dies, it all falls back into hell where it all came from. Now Jesus comes to you. Open to Him that place inside of you that is where the traumatic experiences were. See Him pour his love and protection into that place until it is full and overflowing.

 Take care of your health. It is important to get enough sleep and rest, eat well, and exercise regularly. Avoid alcohol and drug use. Enjoy the outdoors and tell God how that place that He filled with His love and grace feels.

Build healthy relationships. Surround yourself with trustworthy and positive people, and keep away from people who are depressive.

Be aware. If you respond to a trauma trigger, ask God to show you what made you respond in the way you did. Whatever God shows you, give to Jesus to carry to the cross and to fill that place with His love and grace. In Jesus, you have the right to be free from those triggers.

Image by Pexels from Pixabay

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