Simple Self-Care Practices that Nourishes Your Soul

Self-care has become a major focus across health and wellness in recent years, and for a good reason. It is not just a millennial obsession. This is anything done to take care of oneself to stay physically, mentally, and emotionally well. This practice promotes positive health outcomes, such as resilience, healthy living, and better stress management. It isn’t a one-time deal where you do it once and tick it off your list. On the contrary, self-care is the constant repetition of simple habits, ensuring that the body, mind, and soul are at optimum. 

Reading self-help books is just one of the many self-care habits to nourish one’s soul. Healing the Wounded Soul books volume 1 to 4 by Dr. Westmeier are designed to facilitate healing and growth on a spiritual level. Dr. Westmeier’s books develop an inner knowing about what your soul needs to be healthy, happy, and healed. Every self-help book read can nourish your soul with new knowledge and room to connect with your higher self. 

There are a couple more self-care practices you can implement in your daily life. And this blog will discuss a few of them. Listed below are simple yet powerful habits that aim to care for and to replenish your soul. 

Meditate on the Scripture

Meditating on scripture is to the soul what eating food is to the body. Your soul needs to be fed. If you’re not healthily feeding your soul with the Word of God, you might find yourself spiritually starving. The Word of God is a mighty, two-edged sword; that, when used correctly, it sings in your heart and mind. And what fills your mind will affect the state of your soul. This is a truth that must be at the forefront of self-care. 

Make Time Alone

Society has wired everyone to believe that solitude is our enemy. You’ve probably confused “being alone” with “being lonely,” but that is not the case. Being alone doesn’t necessarily cause loneliness. In fact, solitude is necessary for your well-being and soul health. It is only in solitude you experience silence, and silence allows you to filter out all the noise and distractions from life and dive deep within. Silence helps you get to know yourself on a soul level and uncover your unconscious feelings and desires. The demands on your soul in this present age are palpable and immense. Through making time alone, your once suffering soul health can breathe in silence and rest. 

Create Joyful Rituals

Happiness can come from many areas: coming out on tip, life choices, a new career path, and even purchases. This might be hard to believe, but rituals are necessary to achieve happiness. Much of everyday life comprises rituals, often repetitive and predictable behaviors that structure your day. The little things you do regularly may seem so small and insignificant, but they can actually bring you complete joy, even if only for a moment. See, when life gets too much, these small moments of joy are lifesavers. They remind you that not everything sucks. They bring a little light of hope you desperately need to keep going. So do what brings you joy now! 

Create a Positive Environment

What more needs to be said, people who have nothing but negative things to say about everyone are unhappy with themselves. Especially today, where social media is rampant, you are unintentionally subjected to negativity without even realizing it. Surrounding yourself with these people draws you into negativity; it lowers your vibration. Counter this by creating a positive environment and people who build you up and inspire you to be your best self. 

Permit Yourself to Feel 

It is in our culture that children are taught to avoid unpleasant emotions. This, for many, the primary impulse when they experience unpleasant emotions is to try to escape or hide them inside. However, when you numb sadness, you also numb happiness and joy, affecting your soul’s health. Experiencing sadness and hurt is part of being human. Just think of feelings as mere waves in the ocean. They come and go, rise and fall. So permit yourself to feel everything you’re feeling right now. Anyone constantly trying to run from emotions can tell you it is exhausting to your soul. This prevents you from living a full and meaningful life.

Don’t Forget to Breathe

It took others years to learn how to breathe while some are still learning, and you might be one of them. Breathe in, breathe out. This is a practice that enables letting go of what you can’t control. 

At the end of the day, your soul is the most beautiful part of you, and only you can tell what it needs. Pay attention to your soul and nourish it by applying little self-care habits that suit your needs. After all, there’s no reason to feel guilty about putting your soul first. 


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